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Industrial Worker

#1 Have you hit a ceiling at your current job?

#2 Have you been doing the same thing at your current job for 5 years with no change?

#3 Are you simply looking for something more challenging with a great future?

First Environmental is the answer to each of these questions.

You will not hit a ceiling at First Environmental. We strongly believe in recognizing good work and rewarding stellar job performance.

If you aspire to someday be in management, expand your skillset, or simply want to work for a company that takes care of its employees rather than treating them like cogs in a machine, First Environmental is exactly where you need to be.

We’ll give you the opportunity to meet numerous industrial challenges while creating a future for yourself and your family. At First Environmental, you can truly be a part of something special – a team – that is fully committed to helping customers.

Do you like getting your hands dirty and doing physical, challenging work?

Do you like working as part of a team?

Do you like working with equipment and machines?

Do you want a career where no two days are the same?

The position you want is here.
You just have to come and get it.

At First Environmental, we are a constantly growing company that strives to provide opportunity and stability for our employees. We are always looking ahead to make sure that employees are taken care of.

Don’t waste another minute at a job where your hard work goes unappreciated.

First Environmental is an industrial cleaning contractor specializing in the cleaning of process and non-process machines, equipment, and storage vessels, floors, ceilings, walls of any and all wastes, process residuals and media, sludges, and debris. One day you could be suspended 40 feet in the air cleaning a tank and the next day you could be providing emergency spill response to a warehouse where every hour they’re down costs thousands of dollars. There are numerous opportunities for you to challenge yourself and advance.



If this doesn’t sound like you but you’re still interested in our work, maybe this is you:


Maybe you’re a high school student who isn’t sure about the future or if college is for you.


Maybe you’ve finished high school and are working, but you’re ready to earn a higher salary.


Maybe you’ve got a degree or a wealth of experience and you’re looking for a management opportunity.