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Whether you are just starting out; you’ve accumulated five years of experience or if you find yourself questioning the future of your current occupation, you’ve come to the right place.
Our mission is to empower individuals at every stage of their professional lives, offering a wide range of opportunities and resources to help you navigate the next chapter and find a fulfilling career path that aligns with your passions and aspirations.
No matter where you stand today, we can guide you towards a brighter, more rewarding future.

Why work at First Environmental Nationwide?

We are a turnkey industrial services company based in Macon, GA. Since our establishment in 1997, we have expanded our reach with additional offices in Macon, Brunswick, and Monroe (as of February 2023). Despite our growth, we maintain a small, family-like atmosphere that prioritizes the growth and development of individual employees, recognizing that their success fuels the future of our company. Our services include industrial cleaning, emergency spill response, and environmental response and consulting.

Our core philosophy revolves around fixing our customers’ problems and ensuring their satisfaction, striving to make them happy with our solutions.

We are looking for individuals who have a strong desire to work in an environment where their input and work truly make a difference. Our ideal candidate is someone who thrives in a small but growing family atmosphere. They should enjoy using both their hands and minds, and not be afraid to get a little dirty in the process. Additionally, we value individuals who take pleasure in serving customers and the community through their efforts.

At First Environmental Nationwide, we strive to help people recognize the untapped potential within themselves, providing guidance and support to help them realize their abilities.

At FEN, our environment is the catalyst that keeps our employees engaged and motivated. We have a cohesive team where everyone enjoys working together, fostering a supportive atmosphere. Our people are driven by personal and professional growth, displaying a genuine passion for their work. They genuinely care about serving others and are deeply committed to the success of our company. Join us at FEN, where you’ll find an environment that inspires, uplifts, and encourages collective success.

We want you to grow. We want you to aspire.
We want you to succeed.

Our workforce is a blend of talented people, including field technicians, field service operators (Class B CDL or higher), and field supervisors. With our diverse projects spanning various industries and service areas, we value professionals with versatile skills and experience. At First Environmental Nationwide, we prioritize qualities such as initiative, dedication, teamwork, and resourcefulness.

At First Environmental, we are a constantly growing company that strives to provide opportunity and stability for our employees. We are always looking ahead to make sure that employees are taken care of.

Don’t waste another minute at a job where your hard work goes unappreciated.

The position you want is here.
You just have to come and get it.

Field Technician
(Entry Level)

Field Service Operator
(Class B CDL or Higher)

(Field Supervisor)


Employer subsidized health benefit program

401K with 4% matching contributions

Quarterly Safety and Performance Bonus

Paid Time Off
(Vacation, Sick, Parental, and Bereavement)

Healthy Employee Referral Program
($1000 per new hire referred)


You’ll have the opportunity to challenge all of your skills.
You can make your mark here.