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  1. Are you a college graduate with an entrepreneur’s mentality?
  2. Are you looking for a management role after years in the industrial field?

First Environmental has the opportunity you’re looking for.

Management at a company like First Environmental is no small task. On a daily basis, you will oversee jobs where many thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and the safety of your crew members are under your direct supervision. Managing at First Environmental isn’t like managing anywhere else. Our managers lead from the front line. They manage with a take-charge mentality and aren’t afraid of putting in the same effort as their team.

These positions are for employees who are capable of overcoming obstacles and taking responsibility. If you are motivated by managing people and helping others, you can find success at First Environmental.

Do you enjoy teamwork?

Do you enjoy challenging, rewarding work?

Do you have a take-charge personality?

Are you the type who likes to lead in the field rather than behind a desk?

Management is a mindset. Show us that you have what it takes.

Traits we look for include accountability, integrity, and selflessness.

We believe in providing managers who hold these traits a certain level of autonomy – we do not micromanage! When you are assigned to a job, that is your job and your challenge to overcome. We want you to take it head on.

  • We want you to grow.
  • We want you to aspire.
  • We want you to succeed.

First Environmental’s managers and supervisors provide project management for all of the company’s services, such as: the cleaning of process and non-process machines, equipment, storage vessels, floors, ceilings, walls of any and all wastes, process residuals and media, sludges, and debris. In addition to this front-line work, you’ll handle client relations and the employee development for your team members. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge all of your skills. You can make your mark here.


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